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Waste Combustion (Incinerator)

Treating your liquid or solid waste. Our Service include :

  • Industrial Waste Incineration Sales & Services
  • Domestic Waste Incineration Services
  • Incinerator Maintenance Services
  • Incinerator Upgrading Services
  • Mobile Incinerator

Piping Mechanical & Inspector

Adiprotek's  management and employees are dedicated to addressing the particular needs of our customers on every pipeline installation or rehabilitation project. That dedication has made us one of the largest mainline contractors in the Indonesia. When you utilize Adiprotek's , you hire a professional team with a proven track record of quality, efficiency, safety and value.

Committed to Service
Adiprotek is a highly respected mainline contractor capable of pipeline construction projects ranging from 10" to 48" in diameter and lengths from a few hundred feet to 200 miles for natural gas, oil and other products.  We perform our own road boring, open cut river crossing installations and hydrostatic testing.

Adiprotek also offers many specialty services such as:

  • Launcher/Receiver and Meter/Regulator Station Construction
  • Compressor station Piping and MLV/Interconnect Piping Installation
  • Pipeline Integrity Verification
  • Pipeline Anomaly Investigation and Rehabilitation
  • Pipeline Segment Replacement
  • Emergency Call Out Work

In 2005, we expanded our business into Gas Treating Technology, Project Management Consultant and Engineering & Procurement.

PT. Adiprotek Envirodunia

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PT. Adiprotek Envirodunia