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Policy Statements - Team Work

PT. Adiprotek Envirodunia has grown dramatically since its inception in 1991. Much of this growth can be attributed to each and every member working as a team. A great sense of pride has evolved from past accomplishment, and the pride has contributed to the quality of our performances.

PT. Adiprotek Envirodunia’s leaderships has strived to keep its infrastructure as direct and open as possible. For example, the company maintains a streamlined management organization who has complete access to upper management during implementation of projects.
Through weekly planning meeting, management is continually updated on project progress. By applying the experiences of working together for numerous years, maintaining open communication line and strong working relationship.

PT. Adiprotek Envirodunia can function flexibly and efficiently.

In 2005, we expanded our business into Gas Treating Technology, Project Management Consultant and Engineering & Procurement.

PT. Adiprotek Envirodunia

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SCBD - Jakarta Selatan 12190
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PT. Adiprotek Envirodunia