PT. Adiprotek Envirodunia


Industrial Cleaning Chemical

Our products are designed particularly through the development and research to meet the demand of the industries. This has been an added value that makes the product acceptable for use in maintenance and cleaning operations.

Chemical Speciality

To locally manufacture and market of specialty chemicals, mainly for gas/liquid treating, process and water treating applications in oil & gas and other industries.

Water Treatment ( Reverse Osmosis )

Water treatment for industrial and communal use, customized to their specific requirements and specifications, such as ultra pure water and pharmaceutical grade water ; desalination of seawater to potable water use ; tertiary effluent treatment and reclamation.

Waste Water Treatment

As are of the leading companies on environmentally protection, PT. Adiprotek Envirodunia has being treated the drilling mud waste water that is produced from drilling activities

Coal Industry Quality Protection

Is an effective measure for controlling dust and fine coal on stockpiles of coal. Whether short or long term, produces a strong, yet flexible surface that resists dust blowing and bounding the fine coals together and bounding fine coal to the bigger size from washing during rain.

Soil Road and Surface Sealer

Is an effective measure for controlling dust on unpaved roadways, yard areas, parking areas and other open areas that receive vehicle traffic. There are many overt and hidden benefits in using Soil-Sement. Some of the obvious benefits are reduced dust, reduced potholes, cleaner work environment, and increased stability of the unpaved surface. The hidden benefits are substantial, here are dust a few : increased visibility and safety, reduction in vehicular accidents, greater weather resistance resulting in reduced cost for aggregate replacement, reduced maintenance cost and decreased downtime resulting from equipment wear caused by dust.

In 2005, we expanded our business into Gas Treating Technology, Project Management Consultant and Engineering & Procurement.

PT. Adiprotek Envirodunia

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PT. Adiprotek Envirodunia