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  • Natural Gas Transporter/ Trader, Compressed Natural Gas Packager/Trader
  • PMT (Project Management Team)
  • E & P ( Engineering & Procurement )

Project management for multidiscipline engineering

Adiprotek's project management team has extensive experience in the supervision and coordination of multidiscipline engineering design, procurement and construction management teams, and works closely with clients to determine appropriate solutions.

Adiprotek provides a range of project management services, including:

  • Project feasibility analysis
  • Order of magnitude capital cost estimates
  • Development of appropriation proposals
  • Project risk analysis
  • Development of project execution plans, design basis documents, framing documents as part of the owner's team
  • Project scheduling
  • Conceptual design and project cost estimation
  • Field review at regular intervals throughout construction phases
  • Change management, trend analysis
  • Project troubleshooting

Oil and gas project engineering

Adiprotek offers the capabilities of a multi-disciplined group of professional engineers averaging over 5 years of experience. Adiprotek goal is to build upon its knowledge and industry experience to help clients attain the highest levels of success. Adiprotek range of project engineering services includes:
  • Brownfield facilities upgrades and debottlenecking studies
  • Greenfield facilities developments
  • Offshore fixed and floating facilities and FPSO developments
  • Onshore refinery and gas processing and mineral plant asset developments
  • HAZOP and HAZID design reviews
  • Process equipment and systems
  • Project management of process automation
  • Flare system installation, upgrade and tip replacement
  • Material handling systems
  • Boiler upgrade
  • Storm and sanitary sewers, drainage
Procurement strategy development, preparation and monitoring services. Adiprotek offers a range of procurement services, including:
  • Procurement strategy development
  • Pre-qualification of suppliers
  • Identification of vendors; preparation of bid requests
  • Review of proposals; recommendation of vendors
  • Purchasing of products through clients' purchasing systems
  • Facilitating pre-bid and post award vendor coordination meetings
  • Expediting and monitoring vendors delivery status versus promised dates, identification of major variations, and   impact on schedule

Regulatory applications and environmental assessment

Adiprotek regulatory services provide support to companies in the industry. Adiprotek capabilities include:

  • Identifying regulatory requirements with respect to water, air, wildlife, historically significant areas and environmentally sensitive land
  • Liaising between clients and regulators, stakeholders and the public to facilitate approvals
  • Co-ordinating surface land activities
Adiprotek dedicated team of professionals have diverse industry knowledge and experience, developed both locally and internationally in places.

Adiprotek is committed to bringing innovation to every job. By continually providing the highest quality of services in a dependable, competitive and creative manner, Adiprotek strives to become a valued member of each client's asset management team.

In 2005, we expanded our business into Gas Treating Technology, Project Management Consultant and Engineering & Procurement.

PT. Adiprotek Envirodunia

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PT. Adiprotek Envirodunia